Elementary Arts Discovery

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Members met for training to encourage the love of art and joy of creating in young students.

Elem Arts crayons

Elementary Arts Discovery is a philanthropic program designed to encourage children's
creative artistic expression. Members serve as volunteers at Shore Acres Elementary
School in the Mount Diablo Unified School District. Program members work in pairs to
present art discovery lessons on selected artistic themes and to follow these with visual
explorations based on the theme. The teacher is present in the classroom to supervise
the lesson and to extend the exploration in coordination with other subjects.

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Focus is on Seven Topics:

* Prehistoric Cave Art
* Masks of Many Cultures
* The Art of Eric Carle
* Balance and Symmetry
* Still Life
* Landscape painting
* Impressionism

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Art Discovery explorations are chosen to:

* Support ethnic diversity and multiculturalism
* Focus on children's creative artistic expression
* Encourage conversations about art
* Encourage children to ask questions about art 

Although volunteers do not have to be art experts to help children in these explorations, members receive necessary training to enhance their participation in this program. Supplies for the art projects are provided by the Assistance League of Diablo Valley.

The Elementary Arts Discovery Program

Opens up a vital avenue for expression and achievement in children
* Supports academic achievement and common core skills
* Strengthens language skills, problem solving, and critical thinking
* Provides an important vehicle for self awareness and success
* Builds pride in diverse ethnic traditions

Praise From the Students

* I continued at home…
First off I want to say thank you so much for the lovely experience that you gave me and the whole class.  I wonder all the time of what we are going to do next. I love cave art and I did it when I got home. I wish you will come soon!!! Emily

* For the first time I liked learning…

Thanks for all the stuff you showed us. The cave arts were really fun to make and even though we didn't study in books I still learned about cave art. It was something to do for studying but it was actually really fun for the first time I like something that about learning. Angela

* I learned about long ago
Thank you …for telling us about cave art and telling us stories about some of the caves and thank you for telling us about some animals that lived long ago. Diego

Thank you for teaching us to do cave art. It was fun drawing interesting animals. It was creative how they made the colors. Haid

Thank you for teaching us about the cave art and where they are. I really enjoyed drawing two riendeers and a Woolly Mammoth … I also liked using the pastels you brought us. Again thank you ! Gerardo

* It opened my mind…
I got to color and draw it was so fun that my mind open. I told my family I wish we could do it again but not just my class but with you guys too  Grisella

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