Special Activities and Conference

Senior Recognition Dinner

AssisteensSen_recog_dinner 2017.PNG

Graduating Seniors are recognized for their participation in Assisteens at the Senior Recognition Dinner held in May. Juniors plan and serve the dinner that evening and a special program is planned. All graduating Seniors are presented with a certificate of recognition and appreciation. During the meeting, the Assisteens Chairman presents the Annual Report of the auxiliary, the Presidential Volunteer Service Award is presented to qualifying members and the new Governing Body is installed. 

Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Assisteens Vol_service_award 2017.PNG

Assisteens who contribute 100 or more service hours dedicated to Assisteens' activities, are presented with a pin and certificate signed by the President of the United States, in recognition of their service to the community. 

Meeting Speakers

Assisteens Meeting_speake 2017r.JPG

Periodically, guest speakers present topics at the monthly meetings.

Assisteens Conference


Assisteens Conference offers a stimulating symposium of networking opportunities, sessions and entertainment. Assisteens are challenged by their peers in a real world setting, preparing them for life decisions that they will need to make in the future. Outdoor sessions provide challenging activities to develop teamwork. The conference also provides Assisteens the opportunity to meet and network with other Assisteens to expand their horizons, learn and share ideas. 

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